Friday, December 25, 2015

Neon Horses

Dallas takes their horses seriously, particularly when the horse is neon and winged. Long considered a landmark of the famous skyline, the neon pegasus has been rotating atop the Magnolia Hotel since 1934. Due to age and deterioration, the 30 x 40 foot double-sided sign was replaced with a stationary duplicate that was unveiled for the New Year's celebration in 2000. The original was put into storage for over a decade, when it was discovered again and restored. The newly restored, original sign was placed in a high visibility location in front of the Omni Hotel, where it greets locals and visitors alike with a mix of old and new.

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Neon Pegasus On Magnolia Hotel Roof

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Omni Hotel, Restored Pegasus, and Reunion Tower


1. Mark Johnson said...

Isn't this the Mobil Oil pegasus? When I lived in Dallas (decades ago) I contracted with Mobil Oil for a few months, and they had a giant neon pegasus like this on top of their building. It was at 3000 Pegasus Park Drive.

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