Freeware programs

Bulk File Renamer

Run this executable and browse to a folder, select your options, and in a few seconds it will rename thousands of files or folders.

 It is useful for:

  • Removing underscores in filenames (like mp3's)
  • Replacing or removing specific words or strings in filenames (specify a blank replacement string to remove)
  • Changing file extensions
  • Fixing capitalization to "proper case" (where every word is capitalized)
  • Reducing extra spaces

Be warned that this doesn't work well with unicode characters, so as long as you only have ANSI characters in the filename (basically the letters/numbers/characters on your keyboard keys) you should be ok.

Also, if renaming a file or folder will create a duplicate of an existing file/folder then it will append '01' to the name and try again. It will continue to increment the number until it finds a name that is available.