Family Photo Archives

This is the gateway page to the photo archives.  These archives include both digital photos and scans of photographic prints.

Click here to access the photo archives.

 In the case of scans, attempts were made to preserve the original photos as closely as possible, but some minor correction has been performed on some of the photos. While none of the photos have been actually "restored", the following corrections to the scans have been performed (if needed):

  • Straighten and/or Crop
  • Adjust While Balance
  • Adjust Color Balance / Remove Color Cast
  • Minor Adjustment of Contrast / Curves
  • Minor Color Fade Adjustment

No sharpening, noise removal, cloning, or other similar restoration techniques were used.

Here are some side-by-side examples that demonstrate the differences between original scans and corrected images. While the adjustments are very minor, the resulting images are usually a vast improvement over the original scan.